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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer - The Trenchcoat plan.

To all my current (and future?) friends, you have been forewarned. For my 18th, I ask for one thing. No but really, I want heaps.
*ahem* But, the most important of those would have to be a perfect, sexy, sophisticated trench.
It is the woman's most important staple in my books, and as my 18th will mark that transition - if all goes to plan....
 It has to be beige. Long or short I don't particularly care - well, anywhere on the thigh - nor do I care about check, but there's the plain seem less beige really does ooze that finesse which is so key.

 And of course, there is no where better to look than Burberry - famous for their British refinement.


But to look at some more current additions.

I love the pinstripes!

Ok, love love love Bella xxxxxxxx

P.S. I hope my photo placement experiments haven't caused too much grief.

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