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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Summer - I'm like an onion...

Hello aspoonfulof-ers,

So we have officially been plunged head first into February, which means 2 things.
  • school  and
  • the last month of summer
Now, correct me if I'm wrong Tish, but I am of the opinion that although we both love our seasons, hot and cold, but I have always favoured Summer, and you love your Winter.
Why is it then, that I am excited to see the back of this season?
Really, I have to assume it's because of the rubbishness that has been Summer '10/'11 - right? And the fact that I just want to blanket myself inmultiple doonas and blackets and shawls and curl up and watch DVD's all day. Like, seriously - who's in?
Yesterday I watched this StrummingSally video and was so - surprisingly - jealous of watching her wrap her big, thick, woollen scarf around herself about three hundred times.
Until she looked like this,
 And then I realised, that no matter how much I love Summer, and simplistic clothes, I'm a layering girl, and I guess I've always (secretly) been of the opinion that the more clothes you pile on, the better your chances'll be of looking good.
It's so wrong. But that'll never deter me.

I layer you with my piles of patterned love,
Bella xxx

Tish, I'll see you on Tuesday. (vlogbrothers reference much?)

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