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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer - newbies.

So, after I practically purged my wardrobe this summer, I've been feeling that I deserve a bit of a treaty treat.

After my satchel buy last week, plus the khaki dress at St. Kilda Festival, today I bought a long sleeve dress in that perfect winter print -

 from one of those tacky-ily cheap yet so so brilliant basement shops, a slip ($16 at dotti, get on it one and all) and a musk-stick pink blazer, which doesn't make me look like I'm wearing my mothers clothes because of it's perfect sized shoulder pads - also from a tacky-ily cheap yet so so brilliant basement shop.

Gotta love web cam.
Also, to jelly sandal wanters, there are some average kind of ones at Fat in the GPO building on Bourke St., and to lovers of the gum boot, Jay Jays are selling them in colours including black and dark green, as are Sportsgirl now - who have once again snatched my supremest need straight from my head, and decided to sell it perfectly at a price I'm not willing to pay - also in dark green black and perhaps something else....

Anyyy who. That'll do from me, whose back hurts incredibly after lugging around 4 subjects worth of books.
I guess you've also gotta love year 11.

Love love love love Bella xxxx

P.S. Quick note, if you're not already, you can follow me on Twitter and Dailybooth. And Tish, I look forward to your Friday post/rant as always.

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