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Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer - Skirts

Hi hi,
Today, let me take you on a skirt evolution.

These are actually the most gorgeous and flattering skirts around. They're super eeeasy to wear. No worry about riding skirt length sor - more disgustingly - leg hair lengths. And Bella admits they have so so so replaced maxi dresses in her heart.


We love the way these fall, in their not-quite-pleated way. They're simply fantastic because they give you that mini skirt feel without the high school effect. If there was anything we'd choose to start sewing now, it'd be these. Especially because they sit just off your thigh, so they don't make you look bigger by thigh-hugging.

DenimI loove a good denim skirt. The kind you can chuck on without having to plan an outfit around it like some of the others. They're a staple, just like shorts, but more girly.

If you're bold and your legs are an asset - these are for you. The opaque shirts and skirts are like a pair of fraternal twins who could be identical but there's something differrent that doesn't let you decide which is more beautiful. But they're never to be compared or worn side by side. But this twin is less common compared to their shirt equivalent - but more striking. It's like we've been through an evolution -we've kind of adapted to the shirt.

LL xxxx

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