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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've gotta say, Bella: my enjoyment of your post was immese.
But ladies and gents I'm not here to talk about that now am I? I'm here to talk about the announcement. So, only tue first party of this post is going to be here. The second, somewhere new.
Yesterday marked a big decision by Bella and myself. It started like this:

Theatre arts - midday

Tish: hey I've been thinking, for the blog

Bella: yeah?

Tish: I reckon we should move it to tumblr. (explanation why blah blah blah)

Bella: okay awesome!

So I might have paraphrased a little there.
The main point is that a spoonful of is moving to tumblr!
We chose to do this because, even though blogger has been good for us we think that tumble is the next step. It is much easier to maintain a tumblr, the posting is faster, the system of following better not to mention that the variety on rumble is so much more extensive on tumblr due to the fact that there are a great number of fantastic fashion related tumblrs!

The best thing about tumblr I think in relation to our blog is that it is so much easier to follow. So everyone reading this.


It is fantasic. And if you are thinking what on earth would I pst about here is a fantastic thing: you just have to follow people to have a successful blog.
On tumblr there is a feature called the reblog button, which means that if you see something you like come up from one of the blogs that you follow you can easily repose it this way without feeling like you are stealing someone elses work - the reblog button gives a little link to the persons blog who you got the  image, quote, video, whatever from in the first place!

So come on guys, come one come all sign up to tumblr, read our posts, reblog, put questions in our ask box!
You guys are the best, so... Without further ado.

Here is !
Enjoy lassies, x

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