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Friday, March 11, 2011


I know, I know. I would first like to congratulate Bella on posting.
And I would like to de-congratulate myself on not posting. I hate to say it, but these past few weeks (weeks) I have neglected my duties and let Bella take the fall, which she has been fantastic at.

No more of this.

I am writing from an internet cafe in Sydney. I'm in Sydney by the way.
So a little update on what I have been doing - photo's will come later, I'm unable to put them up at the moment.

The whole reason I am in Sydney is because on Thursday night I went to see Belle and Sebastian!
It was incredible, for those of you who don't know Belle and Sebastian are a Scottish band who are almost too cute for words. So that was great, and I got to wear my new American Apparel skirt!
The skirt that in our skirts post we raaaved and ranted about how much we wanted it. Photo next time, promise.

Then yesterday we went for a walk through the Pitt St Mall, which I guess is sort of like Bourke St Mall for us Melbournites. I was thinking yeah yeah this is good, pretty similar to Melby (although not as big). By the way, Zara Sydney stiiiiilllll isn't open as well as Melbourne. Then we decided to venture into a little arcade, that is quite like the Royal Arcade. Except dare I say it? This one was a little better. It was three stories. Three levels of cuteness. On the first there was an assortment of lolly chocolate nut places, some of the most gorgeous jewelery stores (antique earrings in the front cabinet - 3,800 dollars).  And then we went to the second level.
Oh the second level.

This was the level with a bright pink carpeted, chandelier filled Alanah Hill store. The level that contained the Corner Shop. A shop filled with clothes so decadent and expensive that I would only ever admire from afar. And by the way the cutest displays ever! And Fleur Wood. The clothes in that store were amazing. But I would have to say that my favourite thing were the changing rooms.
When I walked into the store, I didn't think there were changing rooms. There were clothing racks, and, oh, what? A GIANT BOOKCASE?
No. That was no mere giant bookcase my friends. It was a scene out of a spy movie. That's right, parts of the bookcases swung around and they were the change room doors. Hidden change rooms. When I saw it happen, fairly sure I almost suffered an aneurysm.

So yeah, photos to come.

I think that is all that I have to report on so far, but I'm so thrilled that its Autumn. Sooooo thrilled.
I think Autumn has an edge on Winter for me. Because Autumn is sort of a good mix of warm and cool days, but Winter is just cold. Although I am anxious for this hot-muggy-rainy weather to disappear. Give me some proper rain, not this half-assed business.

See you next time, with photos.
LL x

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