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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stylish Kids, Autumn

Today Bella and I ventured out to a Primary School Fate, it was a fun day! We encountered kids wearing outfits we would have been proud to wear, incredible.

The first of which was shy, so with the permission of her mother we took some "stealthy shots" of her daughter.
We were informed that her daughter has dressed herself and, like us, was a fashion lover. As you can see, her outfit was so well put together! I would wear that, beautiful.

I loved that she dressed in greens and blues, colours that girls wouldn't normally wear. I remember calling those colours boy colours in Primary school but it seems like this little one was wise beyond her years!

The second girl was more than happy to have her photo taken, she had a precious smile and a rainbow hat!
Unfortunately we missed her little sisters adorable outfit until looking through the photos of the day. You can see her on the right hand side of the photo wearing another cute dress!

We do very extremely apologise for not having posted in a while *march12th*ahem** but we shall make it up to you. Already in our little fashion filled minds we have post plans.
Here's what you have to look forward to:
-The mums at the school fete
-Our favourite looks of the new doctor who companion
-Leticia's bible
-Bella's guide on how to look good when its cold
- And, an update on all of the new autumn trends we have been loving.

Finally, we post together!
Love always, Leticia and Bella

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