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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Autumn - Ah, The Bible. Rainy !

As Bella and I mentioned in our post from earlier today, there is a Bible. My (Leticia's) Bible.
I'm pretty proud of it today, but before my loving description goes on, I would just like to alert to the fact that there was a mistake in the last post.
It was not "today" that Bella and I went out to the fete, we had originally intended to post the post on the very same day except never got around to it, so that fete did in fact take place on the 20th of March, not the 6th of April.
Sorry to all of the lovely people we met that day who we ensured that if they kept checking the Blog it would be up "within a week or two".

Some more lovely photo's from the day:

But now, the moment you kids have all been waiting for; The Bible!
A few years ago now, my Mum had a subscription to Marie Claire magazine, and I got the magazines once she was finished with them. I had been saving 5 or 6 of them for a few years, until last week when I decided enough was enough. I then cut out all of my favourite pictures, colour co-ordinated them and stuck them in my Bible, an old Art Sketchbook. It's still a work in progress, but at the moment it consists of;
-a page dedicated to the beautiful Clemence Poesy
-a "white" section
-pages and pages of black and white photography
-my precious pages filled with pinks, reds, florals, peaches and cuteness
-the blue section, which serves for as a colour reference guide for some brilliant blues more so than clothes
-my plaid section, or the preppy school girl pages
-nature section, mountains, greens, linens, tree's, eco houses, magnificent dressing rooms and even fruit and veg
-the favourites; nautical themes, books, layering, Louis Vuitton and colour co-ordinated magazine covers

Featured in the photo's is me, wearing my lovely *ahem* school shirt. Yes, I have completed the annual try on of the Winter School Uniform. And, it did not go well. Hair must be up and lace-ups must be worn, oh well. Here is not the place to complain.

I do apologise for the lack of good photo's of the Bible, it's late and I'm lazy.

Students, here is my advice to you:
Maybe get a good nights rest, do some homework tomorrow. Of course whilst adopting the studious nerd look with some vintage frames and some form of plaid.

I'm off, for the second time today!
I vow not to slack off with the Blog again, never ever. Ever.

Will write soon, Leticia xxx

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