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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Autumn - yeah.... just autumn

Hi kids!
I've been blog hunting. And here's what I've found:
Soo, if you didn't have enough reasons to visit London,

I mean... *ahem*, jeez.
Aaaaanyway. There is, in London, at the Victoria and Albert Museum there's a bit of a Grace Kelly exhibition going on till September.
If you're not up with Ms. Kelly, here are the facts. She was Princess of Monaco, an American actress, and was class-y.

So yeah, thought I'd share that with you all. Make you nice and jealous.
Except for those who live in London. Wew for you I guess...
Next. A bit of a Satorialist-to-be. Face Hunter.. Good Luck to him. He has a bit to learn from our fashion master.
And, lastly, another example of my salviging, this time from my next door neighbours garage sale.

Please excuse my cats marvellous timing. He's a poser.
Love Bella.

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