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Friday, April 23, 2010


Oh it has been an appallingly long time! So I will get straight to business, if you become a long time reader of this Blog, you will find out that I (Leticia) have a lot of love for Christmas, and Gingerbread villages. But that is beside the point, although, here is the link to the "making of" video.
The point is, I felt bad for not updating the blog for a million years so I was looking through my iPhoto for inspiration. And I realised I really loved the outfit I was wearing on that boiling day. Now, I'm not one for dressing for summer but it seems that that was a good day.
I'm wearing my precious Revival high waist shorts, a vintage mid riff sailor top, and a Country Road short sleeve cardi. So, I will now show you some never before seen (hehe) footage of me making my sandwich that day.

Next: Bella and I have officially started rehearsals for this years school musical, Grease. I'm already thinking about costumes.

That is Patty, my character ♥

And in the middle is Marty, Bella's character ♥
I'll leave you with the amazing Sandy outfit at the end.

I have her pants in Navy Blue, American Apparel!

Ah, excitement.
Talk soon, Littleleaf x

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