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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello kids.
Everybody, meet Clemence.

She may look like a world class model you've somehow never heard of, but never fear. Clemence is a student at our school in year 10. It's girls like her that make my secret dream of being the most glamourous model that ever was, feel so much more distant. Which is lovely.
But that's not the point. Well, her being gorgeous is kind of the point, but what I love most about our dear Clemence is that all, and I repeat ALL her clothes are market or op-shop bought. And she looks fabulous, all the time.
She is proof that my otherwise pointless harping on about the wonder of second hand stuff is a little less pointless.

Speaking of markets, that's where I was on Saturday. And I swear girls and boys, fashion stalks Leticia and I. There was a fashion show.

I mean, it was a fairly B-grade show, (a bit like my photos, sorry...) but they then announced that there was 10% off everything, so I was happy to be honest and bought the cutest pea green jumper, with a cheee-sy Eiffel Tower. But cute, It's definatly cute.

That's all folks,
Bella M.

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