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Monday, May 31, 2010

Autumn - but not for loooong!

Tomorrow is June 1st
June 1st is the first day of winter. This is an exciting time for us at a spoonful of. Because we get to change our layout.
And, gasp, for the first time we're having a winter theme photo shoot!!
No biggie, but we're toootally excited. (Be excited like us)

Problem is, exams are a problem. They're next week, and they're taking over our lives!!So, yeah, the photo's won't be ready until... well, not June 1st.
But, soon, so again, be excited like us!!

That was fairly mediocre news but we like to keep you filled in because we looove you.

PS, if you see any well dresses people, please be bold, ask for a picture, and send it into us, or just send in your story about the well dressed person I just mentioned.
Really, just send anything in.

PPPPPPPPPS June 12th, Retro Star sales are on again. Be there or be square; yes I just said that.

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