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Friday, May 28, 2010

Autumn - You don't have to tell me it's been ages.

I'm soooorrrry.
Times a million. Ah!
I had my laptop confiscated. And I missed Blog Friday! I. Am Shattered. With myself. I'm not going to pretend that even made sense in my head.
I don't have much to report, just that, continuing on from last week, I got another Melbourne Magazine. I was disappointed. Although I tore out an absurd number of pages... Anyway, as far as the fashion went, they were talking about wearing brighter colours and bolder prints in winter. Which made me worry for a seccy. (haha, 'seccy' reminds me of that MLIA from yonks ago. It was like, 'My boss asked me if I had a sec, I said I have heaps of secs.' Oh, funny.)

Not the point though. It made me worry because I realised I may have to offer a tad of 101 here.
Melbourne winter; what comes into mind? Rain. No! About the clothes silly! Greys, navys, blacks and other muted colours. *Honesty moment* I used to despise them.
But then I realise, we've got to embrace those damn bores.
But then, I'm torn, because in winter, you've just GOT to bring out the colours, just a little. Please. For my sake.

Oh dear, I'm confusing myself now. Ok,
So, everybody, well, most people get heavy on the dark, mute colours in winter. I don't know about you, but I see it is my personal duty to bring colour, prints and life into the city.
Then again, never under estimate the value and interestingness of plain fabrics and colours. And never go all summer with your colour, when I say bring colour, don't go crazy, you need to pick the colours that contrast with the dull.

Hopefully that was less confusing. I don't think it was though. So I offer you pictures.

This photo, this one right here, I'm in love with. It's a friend of ours, Audrey, and her 3 sisters in France when they were little. I mean, Sound of Music much?

Last night Mum sat me through The Painted Veil, it was more than i thought it would be. A story of a mismatched couple in China. What grabbed me most, of course, was the clothes.

These shoes. Oh my lord these shoes! They'll be mine, mark my words.

All her dresses, ad there are many, are drop-waist and have these gorgeous collars and prints.

Well this has been a very long interlude from studying, thank you.
Bella Merigold.

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