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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winter - some more loves.

The first of which is winter. Ahhh! Do you like it do you like it? eh? eh!? eheh?

But no, remember how a million years ago I was talking about my wants, and how I'd probably forgotten heaps.
Here's where I remember them

Alice Shorts.
These are those shorts that are high waisted, loose and usually made out of something light like cotton? Maybe? I don't know. Oh and... um. They're cute.
I have been eyeing off some spectacular specimens at Retro Star recently, but don't steal my shorts!

But really, there's millions, go forth and buy them plentifly. Yeah, because that made sense.
Um next?

Sat-chels. Satchels, holy lord. Anybody watch Glee? Watch out for Mr. Shu's bag. That's the one I want. Once there was this girl on my tram who had one, and she sat opposite me the whole trip. I wouldn't blame her for thinking I was strange, it's not like I even tried averting my eyes from her magnificence of a bag.

Both of these I got off eBay, just by the way.
I think I'm in love with the idea of slamming it down on a table and flicking the little buckles open, and then being like *sha-pow* this is what's in my bag.


It is winter (in case you missed all the hype I've been broadcasting for like, a week) and in winter there are puddles. Puddles can be tackled with gumboots. And the sun. And probably other things, but their less important. Actually, lets scratch the sun from the record.
Gumboots. You need them. I need them. I live across the road from a children's shoe store, and it pains me that every morning as I wait for the tram I must gaze through the window at all those tiny gumboots, that I want for big me. If only past me had known to buy these things!

Jelly Sandals
Yeah they sell these too. Tish has a pair of these too. Of most of her other things I've menntioned on here; I'm insanly jealous.

The Nintieeeessss
I have this draft saved called 'Bella's Drafts' where I put everything I want to include in future posts. In this draft 'The Ninties' are written as above. Honestly, the things I do when I'm tired.

Ok, Bella confession time. People are in love with cool decades, like the fifties, sixties, heck the eighties even. Me? I cannot get enough of the decade of things that were lame. Oh but please. They were cute? Yes. Ah they were cute.

Another friendly reminder; go to the Retro Star sales!
And there was another thing... when I remember it I'll put it in my drafts folder with funny grammar.

Loveth Bella Marigold.

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