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Friday, May 14, 2010

Autumn - but you could wear socks

Another Blog Friday! (and still without a better name)

The Sartorialist
Has been in Australia. The 'halfback' as he called it; not quite the outback, not the city.
But he's also been in his city, New York.

This is what he describes as the best dressed line ready to get food from Calexico.

Cute patterened dress much?

One day I will look as effortless as this.

Or this. And I will have a bike one day too.
Ah the life.

Garance Dore
This is my father. Andre Deramond.

And yes I realise he has a snake on his face.
Now, no, he has nothing to do with fashion. But he is French, and plays petanque. Like Garance has this week. At a Chanel resort show. What evs.

The best game ever? Yes.

These are Rondinis. They are found only in St. Tropez. Which looks amazing. By. The Way.

Face Hunter

I love this so much, it's my desktop.

Miss a la Playa

Those kids are cute. Miss Sienna, niiiiiice playsuit.

These are of model-to-watch, Bambi. She's a cutie for sure.

So yes, A brief one tonight.
May I suggest you go shopping. Proper shopping. Because I haven't in such a long time, that I've realised I have been missing out!
You may not know, but RetroStar's amazing.
This realisation has possibily occured because my trips to Retro Star have always been for someone else. Well, *tear* no more I say! No more!
It's brilliant. There is an abundance of dresses. And jumpers with that mysterious print! The one from the Sportsgirl post a last week. Thaaaaat print.

But also, I suggest, that like me, you begin to broaden your resources. I overheard a conversation between Our Leticia and Cristina, about where they'd bought various things. Bazaars, boutiques.
Gimme gimme.

On a more important note, we have something for you to look forward to. Tomorrow is Ruby's birthday party. She's turning 16, and a very decent lunch is layed out for us. It is a custom within our circle to look our best. Leticia's bringing her camera. You're not going to miss out.

Love ya'
Bella Marigold

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