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Friday, May 21, 2010

Autumn - Solitude will be bliss.

It's days like these I cannot wait to live alone.
After being woken up by my sister, claiming she didn't know I was asleep, I had a brash conversation with both my parents because my state of half awakeness doesn't satisfy them. I retreated to the shower, glad to find when I came out, they had all left, leaving me various notes about their various prior engagements.
They turned the heater off, so I piled on an assortment of my clothes, gloves and scraves. Dear me.

I also have some sad-ish news. I have been stocking up on various M and Life lift-outs, from the Sunday Age, because they always have something fashion related in them somewhere.
I must also admit, we will never be able to see any of these, because of my mothers obsession with THROWING THEM OUT! I'm sorry. In a few years, when I live out of this house, I will be able to post an abundance of articles and shoots about whats cool according to Thelma McQuillan and Carol Dyhouse.

I did manage to salvage these from some old ones earlier this month.

Some fairly expensive 'The Looks' on page 14.

Street Seen - my love on pg 13

My girl crush - Scarlett Johannsen featured in las t weeks Life. I'm not going to lie, I swooned, and squelled. Get Emma Watson and Miranda Kerr on there and my life will be complete.

The Melbourne Magazine. Love It. So much. These are on my wall, because if that $300 stripped cardigan isn't just THE cutest, well I don't know. Don't ask me such complecated things.

Well I love you, and will try harder to hold onto my beloved magazines from my mothers clutches next week.

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