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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Autumn - the weather? yeah I didn't leave the house hun.

Hello to all our well dressed kids. (there's what, 10 of you now?)
I'm sick, ad have been home for the past one and a bit days. I'm not going to lie, the DAT testing set it off.

Sooo, we're getting to the serious end of figuring out the whats what for your winter wardrobes.
Or is that just me?

*Ahem* Never-the-less, I do believe I'll take this oppurtunity to discuss some of my current wants to the sweet sounds of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Stockings. Patterned stockings, coloured stockings. And at the moment I have none.
I'm not going to lie, Leticia is my stocking inspiration. I do not doubt I will get her to do a post on them soon.

The last two are from Sportsgirl, $14.99.

Gloves. Good leather ones. Mon Dieu! I have been searching for what feels like my lifetime. 15 years and 8 months seems like reasonable time for the powers-that-be to magic up some to-die-for gloves to me.

Long sleeved dresses. Yeah yeah, more dresses. What ever.
Sportsgirl has a couple of excellent specimens.

And I'm sorry, I had to include the one with the model. I just a-dore Sportsgirl shoots!!!
This is the Floral Skater Dress, for $89.95. I think it's looooooovely. Sportsgirls got a couple of these 'skater dresses', which, by the way, is a perfect description, and yes, i did watch the figure skating during the winter olympics....... ahem, so.
Point being, check them out. Because I know I always avoid the top-under-dress look, and i'm a kid who gets cold, so it's not an easy accomplishment.
They're awesome, if I haven't mentioned that enough?

Cute jumpers. I foresee a huge appearence of jumpers. They're cute. I might be biast, so what? But really, they're cardi's that you don't have to do up. They mess up your hair a little, and are generally harder to get on and off, but they're cuuuuuute.
I recently saw a very excellent deep purple and white polka-dotted one when I ventured to Myer's Basement recently.
Also, Sportsgirls got 'em (yes, I have beee on their website this all afternoon, blame my illness)

The last is part of they're Recylce-It thing. I am deeessperate for a jumper in this pattern, whatever it is. If anyone knows, pleeease let me know, it'll help me narrow down my search.

Bowler Hats Jenny Humphrey, season one. You know what I'm talking about.
And, if you're not already looking forlornly at the picture below, I'll remind you anyway.

Colour-wise? I want something peach.

Haha, LOL jk (who else is getting the tiniest bit sick of those filling up our news feeds?) I mean the colour, but Google offered this, and I think it's sweet. Haha, I'm a funny kid.
Also, I want something in olive / khaki. Ok more truthfull? I want to LOOK GOOD in olive / khaki. Oh those girls who are blessed.

Like these kids. Damn them! Arrrrr!

Well, I do believe that's an afternoon well spent driving my computer mad, with my incessant window-opening. Just a fore-warning, I've probably forgotten AT LEAST half a dozen things I want, but haven't shared, so expect another post soon.
I'm off to rest up these vocal chords.
Bella M.

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