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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Autumn - goosebumps and shivers

Hello one and all.
Welcome to the day of week I like to call "let's-check-on-blogs-friday" (ANY suggestion for a new name will be considered in the comments) Pretty much, I crack open my 'blogs' folder, in which i have been busy filling, and see what the most admirable in our society had to offer this week.
I start with The Satorialist, who this week offered this up from his trip to Tokyo, and Sydney on the way home;

Simply because there's no where else to start from.

Garance Dore
The girlfriend of our most beloved Scott Schuman; The Satorialist. She is French, but this is her blog which she writes in English. At first I was like; "pfft who needs words?!?" but holy guacamole am i glad she does write the things on her page, ah the things.
She has recently been to Australia for westfield, which was nice, and has been talking up our country nice and proper since.
i will now stop tainting her link with these silly words.

He is the only dog I know that wears a bow tie.

I ended up going with Cisco ... because we felt that connection in seconds, and also because… I just love her hair.


This is another TOTAL cutie. Ok, so I may have been won over by all the cats she featured for the first like, 20 of her photos.

They're from a cat cafe she visited whilst she was in Tokyo.
The idea of a 'cat cafe' sounded pretty freaky and maybe even a little perverted to me at first. Now that I've experienced a cat cafe for myself, I can honestly say that I totally get it. It was so relaxing to watch these magnificent cats nap and frolic. ..and if you were a regular customer I'm sure you'd become very attached to the staff.

The Style Rookie

Ok, she's amazingly well known for a 13-year-old. I read in the paper the other day she was one of the bloggers (along with Garance Dore and Scott Schuman) who a-grade photographers were getting fairly pissed off with for nabbing their front row seats at various high class fashion shows.
What evs.
What really caught my eye were a whole bunch of photos she took of pages from Sassy magazine, sent in by a follower.
I must admit I've umm *cough* never heard of them, but oh lord how i will be taking note. i mean, its a nineties magazine, but anything from one of my fave decades is a lot spesh in my books.

The last is a photo from her inspiration folder and i la-aaave it.

The Selby

From what i can gather, he's a really cool guy who goes around taking photos of people in their houses or 'environments'
This next one's my favourite. It's of Sean Macpherson, hotelier
at his home in New York. My house will one day have a swing also.

This is Naive
To be totally honest, the one, and so far; the only thing that's grabbed me about this blog, is it's headpiece (if you will) It's so incredibly cute, that I keep coming back every friday, hoping one of their posts will live up to my high expectations.

teenagers are from mars
This is done by a friend of mine i met last year at my french class.
This is Charlotte:

she doesn't much write of fashion, but is known to include the occasional brill photo. such as this one, with just "models with attitude", featuring Agness Dean, whom i must admit I'm NOT *gasp* fond of, but thrills me here.

So I hope my little enlitenment has been inspiring darlings, especially after I had re-order most of my photos after looking at the preview; note to self: they always come out backwards. Urgh, so much copy and pasting makes me crave pumpkin soup.

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