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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winter - At the moment: My favourite thing to do, google winter

I've been going on a frenzy, finding some good, and some bad. Here's what I've been finding:

These next four pictures, I just love. Two are of my dream city, New York, in the winter time. I mean, talk about beautiful. Then we come to that dress, a winter LBD. I adooooore it.
I also just love the girls T-Shirt dress, "girls just wanna have sun", pure genius - although I wouldn't wear most of her outfit.

A post or two ago Bella talked about how she doesn't like blackish muted colours for winter, I have to agree with her. These three girls, Serena, Blair and Jenny never failed to bring a splash of colour to any outfit in Season One Gossip Girl.

And here is the bad.

Yes, I do like the bag and the T-shirt.
But together, the combination is lethal - and not in a good way. Those jeans deserve to be burnt.

I just made myself the most incredible snack: Capsicum, Cucumber, Olives with Smoked Tofu and Crackers. Like wow.

x L

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