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Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking up at the big ball in Fed Square, of which there are no photo's of today - but never fear, there will be soon.
Tish is wearing her faux fur coat from the Lost and Found Vintage market (I loooove it!), Bella says "this is my long awaited bowler hat and purple spotty jumper - which is apparently navy.... yeah... sure it is... I got them both at the basement in Myer. The basement which I love."

And yes, we realise Bellas wearing red. But, you know. In the name of fashion.
The first and last shot with our second outfits on, were not planned - very good photography on Tish's Dad's part. A biiiiiig thanks to him, drove us everywhere for about 7 hours all for our benefit, thanks heaps buddy.

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