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Monday, June 14, 2010

Winter - insert funny fun about the shoot

We are so tired! Does it show? Does it, does it?

Today was the big day of the Winter Shoot, so of course we had sun and blue skies. It has been a loo-ooo-ong day, but we were fruitful and have much to show for it. So enjoy.

The Waldorf
Not only were we excited about the name of this cafe (oh Blair, how we love you), we were excited about what it looked like on the inside. So much cute vintage furniture. Plus, after going in on Friday to inquire about their openness, the were all ready for us. And generally lovely. Waldorf kids, if you used that business card we gave you, first of all, go you. Second, we looove you.

This is what we would wear to a dinner in winter, a longish sleeved dress, a cardi, some tights or socks with heels or booties, and a shawl. Gosh we love shawls.
And a special mention to Tish's clog like heels. Bella's dress is an Op Shop dress, and her boots are her Mums. She wore these tights most of the day, its really handy having a light pair of tights - mixing it up a little.
We tried tried to channel the air of sophisticated-ness through our outfits to watch with the decor of the Waldorf - I thought we went rather well.

Our final destination, Soul Mama. We chose this restauraunt because it had a fire place, and fire places are great.
By the way - the desserts there were amazing, Bella had a Blueberry and Lime Tart, and Tish had a Rhubarb and Custrad Tart. Delish.

We think that these were our most co-ordinated together outfits, if that makes any sense. Thankyou to Ciara for letting Bella borrow her jacket and for finally returning her long lost Sportsgirl dress, another thankyou goes out to Tish's Mum for letting me borrow her precious red scarf (so cute) and finally, pictures of Tish's cape!!

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