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Monday, June 14, 2010

First stop was the beach- and it was like summer, but three months late. Not only did we have clear blue skies, and were constantly having to squint from the sun, but we were warm, from the sun.

Tish's coat is from Lee, Winter last year and Bella wears an 80's vintage blue dress. And yes, Bella is wearing gumboots - Tish's, not hers but it still counts.

Its fun to stay at the...

Bella was so jealous of the little helper penguins, that she borrowed one from a reluctant young boy.

These make us like like we were more confident/profesh than we actually were, like we'd arrived in a flurry of snowflakes.

For this location we decided to wear muted colours and avoid white so that we would make a niiice contrast with the ice. Bella would like to point out that even though you can't see it, her tights were furry and adorable.
Tish's dress is Sportsgirl and Bella's jumper is from the South Melbourne Market

The making of video and other things are forth coming, we have to get our heads on straight first - it will be awesome and less rushed than these posts!
Love, both of us, blogging together again - finally.


  1. Hey Tishy, lovely post darling.
    Mum wants to know what those shoes you are wearing in the Waldorf pics are...?
    They are gorgeous! :)

  2. They are from Rubi Shoes and they are like clogish heels. Thanks for the comment Sunny May x