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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winter - Houston, we have business cards.

So it's 10:42 the night before our great shoot. And I'm making our brilliant business cards. And I got to make potato stamps. Like, they're brilliant, I can't talk about them enough. God.
Currently I'm waiting for the first layer of paint (and my nails) to dry. We've got lilac, pink and blue hearts and spoons. They were originally going to have little sillouttes of girls onto the hearts, and little curved outlines on the spoons but it looked proper rubbish.

Here are the 'making of' photos; featuring me in my hottt pyjamas. Oh yeah.

And here they are. All done and in a variety of colours. I know, I know.
They're all different size squares - dew to my inability to cut properly - and the potatos make this really cool patchy effect. And yeah, I know I'm hottt.

So goodnight, and
wish us luck for tomorrow,
Love you, Bella - no homo.

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