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Saturday, June 19, 2010

What to post about, what to post about

Well, I've found something to post about.
To me - my bedroom is everything. Or my bedrooms, living between Mums house and Dad's house has given me the amazing opportunity to have, well, two bedrooms.

When I say my bedroom is everything - I don't mean I keep it clean. In any sense, and Bella can vouch for that. I mean that at my age, I think peoples bedrooms should show character and personality. So here, is my favourite interior design blog, Desire to Inspire, and their pictures of some fab (fashiony) bedrooms:

These first two pictures, wow. The wall paper pretty much makes me drool. I love wallpaper - honestly its like giving your walls clothes.

Overflowing wardrobes/clothes racks are pretty much my forte - if only I could get mine to look as neat and nice as this.

One day, I hope to have a walk in wardrobe like this.

I love things being mismatched - half of my bedroom furniture is from Ikea, the other half from Op-Shops or eBay. I even have a bookcase made by my Dad. And I like to think that my bedrooms reflect how I dress.
So, alas, this is my room.

A mixture of new and old, thats how I dress myself. And my room.

Send us an email of your favourite magazine scan, photo, favourite shoes. Anything.
xxx L

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