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Friday, June 18, 2010

Winter - Blog Fri... Saturday?

I'm sorry! This week has just been a daily struggle to stay awake so last was an early one, but I make no excuses.
Also I am sorry for disturbing our gorgeous shoot posts. Are you enjoying them? Oh and thankyou for the lovely feedback, it means the world to us, even if we don't know how to show it.

The Sartorialist
Is in Florence with Garance and according to their twitters, are having a marvelous time. What do you mean jealous? Me? Jealous? Never.

This reminds me of one of my beloved youtubers comments the other day. She said, when talking about fashion in this decade, that fashion rules are becoming looser. Men can dress femininely, and when done well - like above in Florence - girls are pulling off men's pants.

Garance Dore
First of all, click on that link. Like do it. Now! Just to watch the video Garance's posted of the Chanel show in Saint Tropez. Like, I want her life.

And those shorts. My holy lord. I won't ruin this outfit with anymore words.

Miss at la Playa
Some absolutely gorgeous jewelry followed by a few stunning shots and Mr. Ewan McGregor, Natalia Vodianova and their two scrumptious daughters being plain brilliant

Style Rookie
has spent the week talking about resort. And hasn't failed me as far her brilliant writing goes.

Face Hunter
I looove this look. Casual and colourful and just easy. I am on a constant hunt to finding my way of pulling this off, because of it's simplicity style. Haven't found it yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Um, gorgeous.

Liebemarlene Vintage
And my love grows.

I love her bag. I mean, besides the fact that her dress is gorgeous. Like I said, my love grows.

These are from the Chloe Sevigny opening show. They're cute, "borderline ugly" and polka dotted.
Turns out she shares our love for those many tiny dots. Just love.

Just that Undie Draw
There will always be something new here. Probably a whole new page worth of gorgeous rather than a couple of posts. Unlike another blog I know...

Love love love Bella xx

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