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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter - and in the funniest places

Timetravelers? On the tram? You should have seen these kids. If it was possible.. I would have asked them what kinds of machine they used. It's reasons like this that have made me feel the need to highjack my parents camera. I need it.

I was in this tiny little laneway shoe store today (it was amazing, I'll make sure to find out whre exactly it was soon) and here was my train of though:
"Oh, there nice, hmm, good price good pri.. oh *gag* hideousness!! Oh how lovely and diserted it is, pretty ordinary kids in here. Um. I'm sorry. Who is this? This amazing specimen? With her black hat, those red lips holey moley! But who am I kidding? Nobody can look past that grey fur coat. Oh Lord."
I smiled at her, a secret sign to show that I adored her and wanted her to be my friend. But she kind of just scowled back. Which made her look more fabulous, and me a lot more scared.

Also, I had an hour to kill in the city today. It was brilliant and I want to live there. I ventured down a couple of laneways and found a couple of the cutest boutiques. One was a Swish outlet. There I found my ballroom dress.
Which they have hideously photographed for the website. Luckily I snuck one in myself.
I'm trying to figure out how I'll tell Mum it's $300. *sigh* It is likely it will never be mine, but I'm glad I've started looking. All other ballroomers, get onto it. I went to a friends 50th last year and started looking the week before. I've burned all photos from that night.

The bad part of my time killing is that my list of wants.. I mean needs has grown to about 89,235,684,335.9874. Do you see my problem. And this is just from the city, not from the abundance of resources I'm planning on acquiring over time. By the way, if you have any special little locations you wouldn't mind sharing, let me in on your secret. Ok?

Looove you, Bella xx

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