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Friday, June 11, 2010

Winter - Blog Friday

Did you miss it?
You didn't did you? *sad face*
Oh well, suffer kidlings!

Um, so my computers being a bully. Like, I hate it? I'm opening and refreshing pages like a mad-woman trying to get them to woooork!! (and it's all for youu, feel grateful!)

The Sartorialist*confession* I realised the other week when I didn't have my trusty 'blogs' folder at the ready i my favourites, and i had to find Scotty all on my lonesome, I've been spelling The Sartorialist wrong!! I apologise, and feel ample embarrassment.
Today outside RetroStar, there was this girl (wearing double denim) who was talking about how "it's like stepping back in time............."*wind blowing*. I do not like double denim. It's a no. Reminds me of my year 8 days. Ew. Nether the less. Appaaaarently, it's fashionable. I cringe. But this kid, she pulls it off. Well. I like it. Hmm.

I want a top like this. They're kind of like those nurse shirts, like on TV? But nice. Not as gross as I explained.

Miss at la Playa
Talks about the new wave of extreemly fashionable people behind the scenes, namely journalists. It's getting hard for photographers, because they're getting more and more fashionable people passing over their radar.
Taylor Tomasi is Style and Accesories Director of Marie Clair US, and used to work at Teen Vogue.

Eva Fontanelli was photographed by Scotty in 2006, and is now editor of Italian Vogue.

Style Rookie
"Now, I'm not saying Madonna invented Christianity. Wow, let me rephrase that in a way that doesn't read as though she's literally Jesus"
- Did I mention she's a genious? And funny and I loove her. Except her silver hair. The onyl person to pull of this controversial is a shop assistant in a shop I'm not going to admit to going into. What are your thoughts on this Nanna-Do.
Oh and went into the city for a while today. I can't believe Sportsgirl (and the footpath out side it) wasn't on my list of places to find well dressed people. Ok, so it's not really a list yet. I've got that and the Astor. Suggestions?

And they're the only ones loading for me. Face Hunter looked interesting - for about a second, (because that's how long the interenet let me see it, not that it got boring - gosh my wit left long ago) Liebemarlene Vintage was good looking. And Garance Dore, all I saw was a blank page, I know you'll see something more.

Love you, Bella xx


  1. Hey guys, i just realised how little comments you get on here. And i realised how demoralizing it must be for you because you really have no way of telling if anybody is actually reading this. So i just thought i would leave a little comment letting you know that i check this blog almost every day and i know the same goes with Greta and Sunny, and so even though there is not many of us at least you know you have us who read this religiously. X Bee

  2. well that's lovely of you haha. i'm not sure if tish has read this yet, i'll make sure i tell her about it. There are quite a few girls who follow this at school but every one counts. :)