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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winter - update!

Ok, yes, I should be studying. But as far as I know so should you. Tish and I had a huge planning sesh after our exams today, and boy oh boy; excitement. It's going to be excellent.

A bit of a development for you.
are my gumboots. They're not dark green like I wanted them, but they are excellent. And Laura Ashley.
And $89.00

AAAaaandd I remembered the blog for you: Liebemarlene Vintage

But these photos make me ask a couple of things. How does she have so many dresses? Why ado I not have so many dresses? No, but really... how is it possible to have so many new dresses? Why is she so cool? Does she work for the mafia? But she looks so cute, how is that possible? And most importantly, Why can't I be her?!
She's suuuper cute. And reminds me a little of a dark-haired Amy Adams, no?

That's about all my updates. That and wish me luck! I'm convincing my mum to give mee $100 dollars to buy my bowler hat (among other things...) tonight. Ah, if I never post again, you'll know why.
Love you, Bella, xx

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