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Monday, June 7, 2010

Winter - cold and exam-y

Um so. I have an apology to make. I missed another blog friday and i am sooooooooooo sorry.
I was at my grandparents house studying my little heart out because yes, exam week is in full swing, so I thought I'd give you this itsy update, no matter how itsy it may be.

First of all, whilst I was catching up on the blogs I follow (The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Miss a la Playa, Sea of Shoes, Face Hunter, oh and check out this; Just the Undie Draw - it's gorgeous and funny) ( ohohoh!! and this one Tishyyyy alerted me to, because it's awesome! and i may have forgotten what it is, but I promise I'll have it to you soon.) I caught up with Tami at The Style Rookie and realised we should all take a blogging page from her book. She writes brilliantly.

Second of all; a development! On my way home from exam number 3, French, urgh, I stopped in at that kids shoe store with the gumboots I was talking about a couple of posts ago and I was all like; "So.. uhmm do you *cough* happen to happen any of those gumboots... in um. My size? What size? Um, eight? No.. ok."
So all hope was lost, until, as I was heading out i heard over the din of the tram, "Oh well, actually..." "I'M SORRY WHAT?!?!!.. I mean, sorry I begeth your greatest pardon?" "A woman came in the other day and said she bought some on the website." Life effing saver. I'm amidst a search for my precious dark green gumboots, but I must forewarn, they don't like to make it easy. This:

Which is the closest I can find to the kids one. And lets face it, it's not worth the $125 plus postage and handling. ok? no.
I'm starting to think that those ladies are purposly telling me the wrong store. Because no.
The frustration!

Numero Tres; Um. Winter.
So soossso - so.
It's all planned. You will have a new header by next Monday. Happiness!!

Ok, well my hands are absoulutly freeeezing, because I still don't have gloves. Hmm.
Ok well buh-bye, Bella.

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