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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winter - Brit's Birthday

Okay, so. Eh. I'm sorry!
I haven't posted in soooo long. Grease is nearing so lines are being a'learned and blogs are being neglected...
I shall make up for it, hopefully!

Gosh I sound so sure of myself. So, B's 16th. Great night!
We had a seven course French dinner, need I say more? Yes, I think so.
That was brilliant, but so was how all of us girls were dressed.

Claudia and I beforehand. I was very happy to lend Claude some of my clothes, and even happier when realising how well co-ordinated our outfits were.
On the left: the birthday girl, Britt looked like a princess in a Friends of Couture dress. Sunday looked gorgeous in a dress from Savers, 15 dollars if I'm correct. Good buy. I wore Suzanne's (step mum) dress. Boy of boy I love it, but I would never wear it outside. It was fine to go from my house, to the car, to Britt's house but anything more would have been a bit risque.

A better, but still not great photo of the dress.
Hedwig on the left looked faaaaabulous, very co-ordinated colours and gloves that made her look very chic. Greta's (right) outfit was set off by her great pale pink tights - which I failed to get a photo of. Well done Tish.
A close up of Greta's headband, notice it matches the flowers on her dress purrrrfectly.

Well, I know its been forever. But a post with photos, thats exciting!
I'm going to be trying harder now, xxxx L

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