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Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring - This is it

So this is my second day home sick from school, I was on the computer and almost having reached the end of the internet when I thought I would pay a visit to a site that I used to love love love, My Life Is Average. So anyway, as I was touch typing that address away - when I actually looked at what I was typing and realised that sub-consciously I had typed in this address, aspoonfulof.

So, alas - this is it. I'm posting.

On Friday night I went to a friend's - Arizona - 17th. It was cute, fun and casual - everyone of course had cute outfits.
It was refreshing to see girls wearing jeans or flats to a party, I really don't understand this need to always wear heels and a sparkly dress to every event. You can still look chic without trying soooooo hard!

That skirt I got earlier that day, but when I say got I don't mean bought, I do mean got. I had gone to Geelong to visit Suzanne's - my step mother - parents house. It got to like five minutes before we were ready to leave when I was like "Do you have any of your old clothes here?" and she said "Yes" we looked through wardrobes and chests of drawers, and boy. It was like we hit a gold mine. We found soooo much stuff, you will definitely be seeing pictures of more of the clothes - coming soon.

A snapshot of the party - everyone really did look so cute.

Here is another photo from blog Sea of Shoes, I actually fell in love with it.
Okay - so I was planning to just put one photo on here, but I really can't. I'll put both of them.

Yes that is indeed Jane from Sea of Shoes hanging out with Tavi from Style Rookie. Like, wow.

Love you guys. Write soon LL x

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