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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring - Oh! Spring

Today was the first day I have really thought, 'gee, Spring is in the air' (ala, Love is the air). It might be the fact that the cherry blossoms are blooming, and there was actually a visible sun in the sky today, but it was a good day.

Around a week ago was Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I went to the show that was by the RMIT forth year fashion designs students. It was really interesting to see the fashion that the 'young people' of today are designing (it feels weird saying young people as they are probably ten years older than me). But thinking about it, those are going to be the big Melbourne designers by the time I'm working, earning squillions and buying clothes twenty-four seven.

Some photos; (sorry these aren't of the best quality, our seats were up quite high and the man sitting directly in front of me had very tall hair that I had to aim the camera over!)

In saying all of that though, there were lotsssss of the clothes that I wouldn't wear - and only a select few pieces that I would.
I think the fact is that most of the clothes were pieces of art, for example;
some of the clothes included masks that I'm pretty sure the models couldn't see out of (pretty impressive that they walked down a runway with them on) and some of the clothes had working lights in them. Amazing? Yes. Wearable? No.

Bella is at Ballroom tonight - expect photo's, soon !
xxxxxxxxx LL

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