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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spring - Rome updates

Now, I don't want to give away much due to my speaking at assembly next Wednesday, but as aspoonfulof-er's (by the way, you guys totally need a name) you get the privvy information.

Rome - if I'm being entirely honest, made a massive, life-altering impression me with it's buildings, history, food and temper. Although beautiful clothes however, were found on distinguished old Italian men and women. Mostly men.

The Sartorialist apparently does not lie.

I'm still trying to get pictures off other peoples facebooks to show what I wore each day. But so far I have day one and two.

Day one: also known as plane day, also known as the day where optimum comfort is required consisted of: a brand spanking new op shop tee shirt. Can you say something from an op shop is brand spanking new? It's navy with this sort of shelly, sparkling shit going on at the top. (I'm still suffering from jet lag, please excuse my extremely poor wording) High waisters, grey tights and flats also made their way in there.

Day two: The Vaticano Museum. This had to be packed in our carry on, and endure much walking. Applaud Ruby Cox and Retrostar for that dress. And if you're really nice, you'll excuse my attempt to deal with the wind.

More will come as jet lag lessens,
Loveeeeee Bella

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