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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello, Summer

So, Bella posted yesterday - I'm going to post today, now that the Christmas period is coming to an end I feel like I have so much more time to do all of this stuff!
The only other thing that I haaaaaave to do now is my holiday homework.
And I really have to get started on that bad boy, I'm talking recurring nightmares about not having my Literature homework done.

Not the point.

Christmas and Christmas money has bought me many new clothes which I am verrrrrry excited about.
1. My first maxi dress
2. Cutest ever blue top/dress (yet to be decided if its to short to be a dress or to long to be a top)
3. Black jersey skirt
4. Khaki green most comfortable ever shorts
5. Sleeveless floral shirt that doubles as a cute vest

And on the drive back from my grandparents house, the house that I spend every Christmas at, Mum and I (naturally) had to drop into Savers Shepparton. There I got two jumpers, that are mega cute. And I got a dress, which rests below my knee's - I swear, I wore a maxi dress for the first time ever yesterday, and I have seen the light! I love long things!

And, now on the top of the shopping list for Tish is a maxi skirts, those things are Godly.

Here are some (very) late photo's from Ciara and Bella's annual Christmas party.

In the first picture is Mara and Romany, in the second is Shanea, Rachel, Mara, Maddie, Ruby B and yours truely, in the third, Bella and Ciara.

You'll be hearing from us very soon,
xxxxxxx LL

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  1. I love Bella's hat in that last photo! Maybe's you'll put up a photo of you in your maxi dress? :)
    happy new year!