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Friday, December 31, 2010

Summer - 2011

So. Summerrrr. It has begun, or did everyone but me miss the 40-f*#king-degree day?
For me, summer begins with my urge to middle part, just as winter does with my urge to fringe (fringe is totally a verb now...)

How was your New Years? The smell of chlorine still hanging around me reminds me of how much I want to get a floral bather top to go with my - wait for it - black bathers. I think I got them because I read that sophisticated, sexy people look good in black bathers. We all have dreams. But namely, this floral bather top:

There's another picture, of just the top, but apparently you're just not supposed to see it. Don't blame me, blame the Man.
Which sucks because I had this witty comment all lined up about how I felt awkward just cropping a picture of her boobs, so I had to put her face in. But hey, I got to include that in the end.

2011's great. Resolutions? Resolutions?
Something I know for certain is that I definitely need to expand my  retail... branches. The branches of my retail tree must be nurtured. Yeah.

Ah, 2011.
On that note, I will end this post.

Loooove Bella xx

PS I have been a good little girly and have been going on all my beloved but much neglected blogs and my old pal eBay, etsy and modcloth. I will part with you on the note instead; go to eBay, so many unwanted Christmas presents!!

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