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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Summer - SAGS

The Screen Actor Guild Awards. Shouldn't it be SAGAs then? Would that not be thoroughly more fitting?
So so so Tish look who has turned up on my daily Vogue patrol?

Only Hailee Steinfeld. Is she following us? Is she the next biggest thing? Only time (and hope) can tell.

Other highlights included
Kim Kardashian who I'm not particularly a fan of just because she has a show, the point of which I've never really understood, other than wanting to become a celebrity.

 Lea Michele, who I'm also not partial to, looks fantastic.

And to keep the Glee trend going, the always stunning Naya Rivera, who seamlessly mastered this thirties dress - I thoroughly urge one and all to check out photos from the front *melt*

 But my prize must go to Heather Morris, who plays the hilarious Brittany on the show. She looks like a princess. Need I say more to convey my love?
 Hilary Swank, January Jones, Tina Fey and Mila Kunis. Go google Jones especially, I can't print screen any more.

Pretty much there was a lot of gold, a lot of white and a bit of purple, and pretty much all flowing skirts.
All of which were gorgeous.

Ah, award season, how you will occupy my time.
Love love love you
Bella xx

Tish, I'll see you on Friday - literally and

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