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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer - Holiday aftermath

This afternoon, we arrived home. I would love to sit here and type away about how much the weather was the suckiest thing ever to come back to. But it'd be a lie. Stupid Melbourne. I love her. Melbourne's a girl right?

So. Onto more pressing things. My tan's progress. Yet I have to *people who aren't all up with photo editing lingo zone out here* supe up the colour temperature in all of my photos. Frustration!

But my heart has progressed. If you know where to look and concentrate really hard. To those who don't know about the summer-heart-saga, I have been trying to recreate a pale patch of love heart shaped skin a la 'Waves' (it's a book and it's nothing to write home about) all summer.

I picked berries - and ate most of them - in my Camberwell Markets dress.
 I marvelled at how Celeste never has to try before we went to the carnival. Sadly, this is really the only photo I have to show you of the beautiful girl.
 And blew bubbles in my mid riff. I've missed this baby, and that I have a tan, expect it out a lot more.

And bought some new blue floral Ray Bans because I lost mine. R.I.P. 4 euro glasses, that made everything look sepia, you will be dearly missed. But well replaced, no?

See you on Wednesday,
Love Bella xxxxxxxx

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