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Friday, February 4, 2011

Summer - aspoonfulof - tv edition

Today, I'm going to talk about my favourite fashiony TV shows - Project Runway and Gossip Girl.

First up, Project Runway.
Today I am going to post mainly about Gretchen, the winner of the 2008 season, as well as some little interludes of other favourites. I love this show, I really do. It is a combination of two fantastic things; the first of which is slightly bitchy reality TV and the second that its really inspiring.

Now I can't sew but after watching this I really want to learn how, I think about different 'dream' items of clothing all the time - but I suck at fashion figure drawing also so all in all this really isn't the thing for me, but I think it is so great the amount of creativity of young people that is shown on this show. I wish I could be as creative as them - except I think I'd settle for just teaching them how to styyyyyyle.
One of my favourite things is styling meltdowns. So much laughter!

Here are some picture of some of my favourite looks.
 This is Gretchen herself modelling a dress that she made, on the night of the final 'runway' during fashion week in New York. I love how simple it is, and how fantabulous she looks in it. Something about a sheer skirt has always intrigued me and somewhat bewildered me. I'm still not entirely sure what I think of them but all I can say is that I think this one is great and handled very tastefully.

The last two pictures are from her final runway. I didn't choose any pictures from the course of the show, only pictures from the end. I didn't do this because I thought she was shit the whole way through and got really good at the end but that I think that her final collection was possibly the most wearable runway collection I have ever seen. So often you see designers making these gowns that you could only wear to an awards ceremony, or a little dress that could only go down the red carpet, dresses so over the top that you don't know how anyone would wear them. I love that these clothes are dramatic and they have edge, but they wouldn't look out of place if you saw someone wearing them down the street.

There is a 'thing' (for want of a better word) about designers sending runway looks down the runway (obviously) and then they make versions of their runway looks called ready to wear looks. I find this frustrating. So if I ever want to go to a fashion show, I only get to see clothes that I would have no where to wear? I just don't think that this is quite right (I think I should have a rant each post). What I loveeeeed about this was that her runway looks were ready to wear and they were still totally eye-catching and not at all too boring for a runway show. 
Rant over.

So Gossip Girl. If you ask me, GG went a bit off the rails in season three - fashion and storyline wise, but the storyline is a totally different concern and story. 
For example, Blair. Lets do a fashion evolution.
First and second season are obviously very beautiful and preppy and cute and just so Blair.
 Season Three hits and, OH NO THE HORROR.
That looks like a bad Mother of the Bride outfit.
And then season four, Blair is back to her old roots and looks gorgeous. No surprises there.

So yes, this is my Friday night post 11 hours late, I do apologise. Everyone will know that the weather was craaaaaazy last night, so I was doing things like saving the house from leaking windows, going around to Mums to see if it was leaking, taking long routes in the car because everything was underwater, walking around looking fabulous in a mini dress and doc martins because it was a combination of flooding and 93 percent humidity.
Good day.

Sorry this is late,
more coming soon,
LL x 

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