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Friday, March 4, 2011

Autumn - It has Begun + Catwalk Madness

I hate it when people keep harping on about the next season. So much. And thus, I'm doing some hating on myself.
Last night I wore 3 layers and jeans. Yeah. And it was exciting.

Yet today, I'm wearing a dress. Maybe Autumn is my new favourite season. Well, it will be until Summer gets it's arse into gear.

This morning has been spent having a big bath, pancakes and coffee (yes, I eat in the bath - it's the greatest) and doing some pre-picnic Garance Dore stalking.
Here are some of the pictures I've spent like, a n hour print screening for your cat walk pleasure.

 All patterned, flowing black and white at Dolce & Gabbana - in a way even I can appreciate.

Furs furs and flowy at Gucci

 And possibly the new in thing to do with your heels? First at Prada and then Dries Van Noten. I'm still totally undecided on this one.... When I saw them at first, I despised them, but then I remembered that everything at shows are over the top, and saw Tish wearing black socks under her clogs, which really looked kinda great.

Tonight I'm off to the Xavier and Gennazano production of Annie, prepared to be impressed.
Have a good weekend my lovely things,
Love Bella xxxx

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