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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summer - Autumn Glee

Welcome kiddlings!
And welcome the orang-est season of the year. Let's celebrate with piles of warm, bright summer colours to fight the cold!!

I realise that I'm a little tardy tonight, but I suggest two things to browse at some time soon - The Sartorialist,  and Garance Dore - who've been hitting up all the pre-season shows, The David Jones Autumn/Winter Collection - always a little posh but definitely worth a look-sy and Teen Vogue's latest whirl of suggestions - and if anyone can find the trend suggestions about "old world lace" that I was lusting over a couple of nights ago, they win a prize.

I'm leaving most of the colour changing to Tish, as it is a forte of hers. Oh! and you will have noticed that I'm not posting on my usual Wednesday, Tish and I have swapped days. Eventually we'll get our heads on straight about this schedule.

Until then,
Love Bella xxxx

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